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Ranchi Tour

Manchester of East Ranchi is an important city and is the capital of young Jharkhand. It is more famous these days for breeding ground of Indian Cricket Team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The city has registered its name in history books as the centre of the Jharkhand movement for a separate state.

Ranchi is a cool and calm city that is fast emerging as an industrial town. Ranchi is rich in natural resources like minerals and this is the reason for being visited by a large number of business travelers. The city contributes 50% of the total mineral production of the state. Apart from commercial importance the city also boasts of several reputed educational institutions and being a tourist spot.


Ranchi always has a lovely weather. The land locked with hills and covered with dense tropical forests makes the climate pleasing; this is why earlier Ranchi was the summer capital of Bihar.

In summers the maximum temperature ranges from 42 to 20°C whereas during winters from 25 to 5°C. Thus the best time to visit is from September to May.

Tourist Attractions in Jharkhand

Serene Lakes, waterfalls, hills and narrow streams attracts tourists to these gems of the city. Tourists from across the world come to witness tourist attractions in and around Ranchi.

Waterfalls in Jharkhand

As Ranchi has many popular waterfalls, it is referred to as the "City of Waterfalls." The picturesque and fascinating Hundru Falls is a famous picnic spot. This waterfall is formed when Subarnarekha River falls from a height of 320 feet.

Jonha Falls or Gautamdhara is a stepped waterfall. The flowing Kanchi River nearby and Buddha temple is must watch. The Jonha falls are 500 steps downhill.

Dassam falls or Dassam Gagh is another major tourist attraction near Ranchi. The Kanchi River cascades from 144 feet to form Dasham Gagh falls near the Taimara village.

Tourists cherish the scenic view of verdant landscape around the waterfall. Lots of water sports and recreational activities like river rafting and swimming are enjoyed in Kanchi River. Panch Gagh falls and Hirni falls are also beautiful waterfalls.

Tagore Hill

Tagore Hill is famous for it is believed to be the place where Rabindranath Tagore had written many books and articles.

Gonda Hill

Gonda Hill is one of the tourist spots in Ranchi. The water reservoir atop the hill and a Lake named Kanke dam in the foothill are worth visiting. A mental Asylum has been setup in earlier days by British due to the faith that the cooler environment here would be beneficial for mental health.

Rock Garden

The Rock Garden of Ranchi is fabulous and is the most visited spot in the city. The garden has stalled granite sculptors, waterfalls and swings. People enjoy picnic in natural surroundings here.

Ranchi Hill and Pahari Mandir

Ranchi hill is one of the landmarks of Ranchi Town. The Pahari Mandir dedicated to Lord Shiva situated on the hilltop is the popular tourist attraction of Ranchi.

Jagannathpur Hill

Jagannathpur hill and Lord Jagannath temple built in Kalinga style are the other interesting beautiful places around Ranchi.

Sun Temple

Sun Temple 40 kms away from Ranchi is devoted for worship of Sun God. The wonderful temple is sculpted in the form of 18 wheeled chariot which is pulled by seven white horses. The pond surrounding the temple is considered holy as well.