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Surrounded by Aravalli hills, the erstwhile state of Mewat, Alwar is crowned by a magnificent fort that has been a witness to many-a-battles and wars in the turbulent history of Alwar. A Rajput state for a long time, its nearness to the Mughal capital of Delhi, did not let the city rest in peace until it went into the hands of the Muslims in the 12th and 13th centuries, when Sultan Bulban managed to crush the revolutionary groups with the iron hand. Alwar found its place in Mahabharata, where it has been mentioned as the kingdom of Matsya, which was once a hiding place for Pandavas during their exile for thirteen years. In 1771 A.D. Maharaja Pratap Singh, a hero belonging to a Kuchhwaha Rajput (warrior class) clan of the rulers of Jaipur, won it back and laid the foundation of a principality of his own. Apart from the tiger-like Rajput soldiers, Alwar is also home to the real tigers (which can be seen in the wildlife sanctuary nearby) due to its rich natural woods, splendid lakes and valleys. Thus, it is also known as 'The Tiger Gateway To Rajasthan'.

   Location:    Northeastern Rajasthan, India
  Significance:    Gateway to modern Rajasthan
  STD Code:    0144
  Best Season    September To February
  Language:    Hindi, English, Rajasthani
  Distance From Jaipur    150 Km
  Distance From New Delhi:    170 Km

Alwar has temperate climate and scanty rainfall. The summers are hot but not as much as other cities of Rajasthan. Temperature ranges between 28ºC to 41ºC. Winters are cool and pleasant with a temperature range of 8ºC to 23ºC.

By Air: The nearest airport to Alwar is situated in Jaipur.
By Train: You can find a train to Alwar from all the major cities of India. From Delhi, you can catch Shatabdi Express, Intercity Express and Mandore Express. Fairy Queen Express, the train that makes your trip a fairy tale experience, includes Alwar on its itinerary list.
By Road: Alwar is well connected by the network of roads to Delhi and all the major cities of Rajasthan.

Alwar has famous restaurants that serve you with pure vegetarian food (that excludes even onion and garlic) and organically grown vegetables. Palang Torh or the milk cake of Alwar is a delicious dessert that one would not like to miss. Though the restaurants may not have just the right kind of client dealing manner but the mouth-watering delicacies like allu parathas (a type of bread stuffed with potatoes), oil free gaajar ka halva (carrot dessert), mirchi ka achaar (chilli pickle) and kheer (a preparation of milk and rice) make up for their rustic hospitality.

At Alwar, silver jewellery and Rajasthani handicraft items can be found at their best. Anyone who loves sweetmeats definitely cannot keep their hands off Alwar's specialty - 'Palang Torh' (the milk cake). A bite of this dish will justify the saying that goes around in this region that anyone who tastes this just once, cannot refrain himself from stuffing himself from it so much that when he lies down on the bed, the bed breaks in two! An exaggeration, indeed, but what a cute manner to express the deliciousness of the dish! The main shopping spots are the market areas of Hope Circus, Bajaja Bazar, Sarrafa Bazar, Mala Khera Bazar and Kedalganj Bazar.
In summers, light tropical clothes are advisable while you will need light woolen clothes in winter.

Forts & Palaces

The Fort
The fort stands majestically 595 meters above the sea level and was constructed long before the rise of the Mughal Empire. It is said that the fort has never been seiged but passed on through treaties and negotiations. The legends about the fort include one that says that Babar spent a night at this fort and because of his greed; he plundered the treasures of the fort to give them to his son, Humayun. Salim Mahal within the premises of the fort had been home for Akbar's son, Jahangir, during his exile.

Vinay Vilas Mahal
The palace belongs to 18th century and is an exquisite example of the pleasant amalgamation of the Rajput and the Mughal architecture styles. Now, the ground floor of the palace houses government offices and district courts while the upper part of the palace serves as a well-preserved museum.


Government Museums
The museum has some superb Mughal and Rajput paintings of 18th and 19th centuries and rare ancient manuscripts in Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Sanskrit. Among them are: - Gulistan (translated as 'The Garden of Rose'), Waqiat-I-Babri (autobiography of Babar) and Bostan (translated as The Garden of Spring'). It also has on its display a copy of the great epic 'Mahabharata' painted by the artist of the Alwar School and arms and weapons.


Purjan Vihar (Company Garden)
The idyllic picnic spot in summers, Purjan Vihar is a picturesque garden that has been planned and set up under the rule of Maharaja Shiv Dan Singh in 1868. The garden sports a captivating setting known as Shimla, which was built by Maharaja Mangal Singh, and is so named for its cool shades that give quite a reprieve during summers. If you are travelling to Rajasthan - use Alwar Alwar Rajasthan Trip Guide . You can also like it on facebook and get update. To get an idea of Rajasthan area use Rajasthan Map